Steed & Steed joins Certainty National Will Register

Steed & Steed LLP are delighted to have joined Certainty National Wills Register.

Sadly, none of us are immortal and we cannot take our possessions with us.  Regularly reviewing your Will and having it registered is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones.

In a recent survey, 67% of people surveyed did not know where to find their parent's Wills. Tens of thousands of estates do fall into intestacy each year, which can cause emotional and financial turmoil for loved ones.

If you’ve made your Will some years ago, it might be time to review it especially after a change to your personal circumstances such as marriage, divorce, a house move or a new addition to the family. A change to your financial situation, an increase in your property value and even new tax laws or legislation can also make an update to your Will necessary.

A valid Will is vital if you want to avoid any misunderstandings after your death. If you remarry for instance, your current will is no longer valid and therefore if you die the intestacy rules will apply and the State Will decide who benefits from your estate. So if you remarry, you will need to make a new Will that specifically takes into account your new marriage.

A review helps you to be sure that the people and charities you want to benefit from your Will will continue to do so. Often, changing a will could be as simple as drawing up a codicil – an addition or change to your existing Will – that can be signed and kept with your Will.

If you feel that your Will may require reviewing, you can speak to one of our solicitors who will be pleased to assist.